Volunteer at SKIP

We are always looking for enthusiastic, dedicated volunteers who can bring something positive to our project and help us achieve more.

You must be team-work oriented, positive, responsible, and hard-working. While volunteering in South America can be a challenging experience, we have a team of Volunteer Coordinators who will help you settle into your volunteering role and introduce you to the local area. Our team has a mix of language abilities ranging from native Spanish speakers to those who have only just started learning, so you will find it's a supportive environment that encourages language development. Qualified and experienced professionals run each of our programmes and will work with you directly, enabling you to develop the skills needed to offer a quality service to the children and families we are working with.

If you would like to hear about other volunteers' experiences, we have volunteer testimonials below most of the volunteering position descriptions. If you would like to apply, read more about our application process.

SKIP Volunteer Positions

Please note that if there is no link, we are not recruiting for that role at the moment, but please check back soon!