Education Programs

The systems of poverty confronting families in El Porvenir inhibit children’s early academic growth and cognitive stimulation. This disadvantage is compounded by the education children receive in the under-resourced and over-crowded public schools of the area.

Every year we issue standardized tests to evaluate the student's academic performance; and, while the results in previous years showed that students were performing several years below grade level, we are working to help them improve their performance.

At SKIP, we focus our programs on supporting the subjects kids learn at school such as Math and Literacy, and expand the learning process with different activities. We have adopted a more dynamic approach, using logic and allowing them to develop their academic, analytic and problem-solving skills.

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Nursery Program


In partnership with a French NGO called Pour Les Bebes, we identified in 2014 a gap in our service provision, as we had no nursery for the youngest children in our families. Seeing this we aimed to:

  • Offer child-care five days a week
  • Manage monthly training sessions for parents/carers on strategies for the development of their children and themselves
  • Provide a healthy snack each day to supplement their diet

The importance of the program

With this program, we enable the children to grow up as an integral part of their family, in a supported environment, giving them the best possible start to life. We focus on their cognitive development before they start to go to pre-school, which is compulsory and starts at 3 years old in Peru, we try to make a positive impact in the first steps into a learning environment.

At the same time, we focus on giving parents and carers the peace of mind to leave their kids in a place they feel confident their children will be taken care of, which allows them to focus on their jobs improving their economic stability.

The program also includes training sessions in child development to improve the relationship between parents and children. We cover topics such as how to stimulate cognitive development in toddlers and strategies to recognize and manage maternal stress and depression.

Check our volunteer positions for more information here.

Primary Education Program


At SKIP, our main goal is to increase the number of children completing primary education successfully. We aim to:

  • Fully finance school education, which includes enrollment fees, uniforms, and materials
  • Provide lessons in English, Math and Literacy twice a week, 40 minutes each
  • Arrange extracurricular teaching in art and sports once per week, an hour per session
  • Give access to the Library and Help with Homework Program from Tuesday to Saturday
  • Offer an emotional intelligence development session monthly, supported by a behavior management system used daily
  • Provide therapeutic treatment to children through individual therapy and group sessions

The importance of the program

From a young age, kids are molded to grow up in an educational environment, which is why SKIP promotes a kinesthetic and dynamic teaching style. We use practical examples to help kids relate to the concepts and put them into practice in their daily lives. We have our own teaching curriculum with structured lessons and guidance that complements the schools’ teaching methods.

Along with the subjects we reinforce, we provide students with a social and emotional learning program to help foster their ability to solve problems effectively without violence. We have a clear and structured behavior management system that promotes positive reinforcement and gives children a series of warnings and consequences for disruptive or challenging behavior.

We have been using the Second Step Program, a violence reduction curriculum that uses role-play and discussions to help generate skills, language, and confidence to peacefully and productively solve their own problems.

Moreover, we hold regular training sessions and weekly supervision team meetings so that teachers are able to talk about difficulties and work on professional development.

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Secondary Education Program


We foster the individual and collective growth of SKIP students by creating a suitable atmosphere, which helps them navigate the difficult transition from childhood to adulthood. We aim to:

  • Fully finance school education, which includes enrollment fees, uniforms, and materials.
  • Provide support lessons on the core subjects of English, Communications and Math once a week
  • Offer extracurricular lessons with our Youth Club Workshops, where students have the opportunity to develop their skills in art, sports, games and “Fun” English.
  • Give access to the Library and Help with Homework Program twice a week
  • Offer group sessions focused on developing values and creating confidence
  • Run career advice workshops with opportunities to speak to local workers in order learn about practical ways to enter the workplace
  • Give the opportunity to participate in the Youth Volunteering Program, once per week.

The importance of the program

Being a teenager is a difficult time, it is when a young person develops their personalities and has to make decisions for their future. However, the youth from El Porvenir grow up with responsibilities that prevent them from focusing on their education and in some cases drop their studies to help their families’ economic situation. Within this context, SKIP is giving academic support motivating teenagers in their school programs.

We use study as a means of integration and self-achievement and help the students focus on their expectations for their own future. At the same time, we provide extracurricular activities to create confidence and respect for themselves and their peers. We focus on developing a different set of skills and values aiming to support their self-esteem.

Learn more about how to help on our Secondary Projects with our Youth Worker position.

English Program


The English Teaching Program aligns with the overall SKIP philosophy and shares the common objectives of promoting multiculturalism and developing a global dimension within the children’s education. This is done in a way that is mindful of the skills their future careers and jobs will require. We aim to:

  • Offer weekly English lessons to kids involved in SKIP
  • Offer English lessons in public schools in Trujillo to improve the learning and understanding of the language

The importance of the program

SKIP English classes are designed to foster the self-esteem and creativity of students, offering a safe space for self-expression through participative and dynamic activities.

Our lessons are planned and offered by a dedicated team of teachers comprised of volunteers. Moreover, the entire program is supervised by an experienced and qualified teacher, who provides support to our volunteers on lesson planning and trains them on teaching techniques.

We create more ties with the local community by teaching in public schools, which enables us to not only provide a head start to children who will study English in Secondary school as a required subject, but also tightens the support for SKIP within the area.

We have also partnered with organizations to be able to award our most motivated children by providing scholarships to learn English. One of the places we got scholarships in the past was El Cultural Language Institute, a private and prestigious language school located in the center of Trujillo.

Read more about being an English Leader or about our English Teaching Volunteer position.

Library & Homework Help Program


The Library & Homework Help Program gives kids a place to spend their free time productively while easing their parents' minds by providing a safe environment for their children when they are not home. We aim to:

  • Offer library services Tuesday to Friday during the afternoons and on Saturday mornings
  • Support the kids with their homework
  • Provide a safe environment for kids as a drop-in center

The importance of the program

We are fostering a learning environment for the kids’ free time, being a voluntary program, kids can turn up as and when they please.

The library is staffed by a minimum of two SKIP volunteers who engage with the children every day. The intent is to fully help them with their learning process, to do that our library sessions are broken into three parts: Reading and Homework, which supports the schools’ program they follow, Educational Engagement, with further understanding on the core subjects including reading; and Recreation, that aims to support imaginative and creative games with an emphasis on respect and sharing.

You can learn more about our Library Volunteer position here.

Holiday Club


The goal of Holiday Club Program is to offer during the summer vacation lessons to prepare the kids for the next school year. We aim to:

  • Provide a 6 week Holiday Club during the summer break
  • Offer lessons to students in Math, Literacy and English, with additional lessons on sports, dance, art and science
  • Run the Primary Program 4 days a week and the Secondary Program 2 days a week
  • Implement more psychology workshops for our students

The importance of the program

We provide an opportunity for further teaching and integrate with the community of El Porvenir during the Peruvian school break. In this time, kids have a lot of free time, and although some of the Secondary students might have work commitments, we have seen a boost in the education of the kids when having a reinforcement to their learning activities.

Our program offers lessons in the core subjects of school but also includes kinesthetic and art development with the intention to have fun while learning through interactive lessons. We try to offer a platform for kids to express themselves and to be up to date with news around them; this is achieved by creating debates and developing public speaking skills.

We believe the summer is to have fun, and we end our Holiday Club with a trip to the beach, a day full of activities that reward the kids for the commitment they showed during the summer attending classes.

To be a part of the Holiday Club, check our volunteer position here.

Parents and Carers Teaching Assistants Program


The Parents and Carers Teaching Assistants Program looks to increase the parents’ involvement and make them more aware of their child’s educational needs. We aim to:

  • Offer monthly training sessions for parents/carers within the Primary Education Program
  • Increase family involvement in the implementation and success of SKIP’s education program
  • Support the acquisition of behavior management techniques, making an impact in the family dynamics
  • Individualize the attention for each student during their classes at SKIP

The importance of the program

Following regular monthly training sessions and individual support from the Education Coordinator, parents and carers are helped to recognize their ability to grow through observing educational role models in situ. Working in the classroom, collaborating, and coordinating with teachers in the class, they are able to apply their personal knowledge and the skills they have acquired through the social work training programs.

To become a part of the program, we take into consideration different criteria such as the range of skills they have developed since becoming a member of the organization; attendance, interest and active participation in Social Work workshops; the improvements and progress in their social, personal and family life, as well as their level of academic knowledge

Once selected, individuals can decide if they want to start training as a teaching assistant. Participation is not mandatory but encouraged.

With this program, we are building a joint learning process and a continuum between all parties involved: the parent or carer working as teaching assistant, the volunteers, teachers and SKIP’s students.

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Skate Park Program


The Skate Park was opened for lessons in May 2017. It was built by our partners from the NGO Concrete Jungle Foundation. The skate park has gotten huge positive responses from the kids involved, it is a safe environment to practice a sport that allows kids to learn about self-confidence and a supportive social environment while having fun.

We aim to:

  • Introduce a stable curriculum for the year with a focus on learning personal and interpersonal skills
  • Continue to work on the sustainability of the project, by ensuring the secondary students remain engaged in the program and continue to build a skateboard community of primary students around the skate park.

The importance of the program

The Skate Park is located in the public school “Colegio Simon Lozano Garcia” about 2.5 km from the SKIP community center.

We manage the lessons as part of our sports approach giving skateboard classes to kids from 6 to 18 years old during the week on school time and additionally, for the most interested, we host open skateboard sessions on Saturday mornings.

We take this opportunity to have students participating in physical activity regularly, aiming to teach life skills on both a personal and social/interpersonal level, contributing to psychological well-being, physical capacity, and the ability to cope with stress.

The two main things we worked on in the classes are:

  • Create a positive learning environment together through being considerate of each other in sharing the skate park space and helping and encouraging each other
  • Work on self-confidence and motivation

Within the Program we are working on the ‘Assistant-Teacher Program’ in which a few dedicated secondary students and kids living around the school assist with teaching the skateboard classes, they get trained and support the leader teaching and managing classes of the primary students. This enables them to work on the sport they like, and through it learn and teach about autonomy, competence and relatedness in a role involving real responsibility.

As a joint effort with Concrete Jungle Foundation: the SKIP’s Education Coordinator takes care of the educational processes, including support to volunteers and Leader feedback in regards to teaching, and improving the curriculum. While Concrete Jungle Foundation is in charge of the skateboarding side such as managing the materials, quality of the program and – in coordination with SKIP – the curriculum development.

Here is more information about the Skate Park Leader and Skate Park Volunteer positions.