Contribution Fees

SKIP stands out from other grassroots NGOs because of our professional approach, structured programs, and qualified, experienced staff. We provide a high level of training and support to all our volunteers, and try to give them the best experience possible during their stay.

We know it is a big change for some to come to a different region, country or even continent, and the financial burden might be a little intimidating, however the contribution fees are a donation to SKIP from our volunteers and they are the reason we are able to continue our work in Peru providing essential funding to cover the costs of both our Education and Family Welfare Programs. You can fundraise to gather the amount of contribution you need, we have a lot of ideas to start on our fundraising guide.

The contribution also covers the cost of volunteer housing, we have several apartments. Most volunteers are in shared rooms but if you are particularly keen to have a private room we can do our best to facilitate that; we can also offer host family options.

In order to facilitate longer placements, the contribution will reduce the longer you stay.

There is an initial fee of $200 (or equivalent) in order to confirm your placement. Afterwards the contributions will look as follows:

Copia de contribution fees

When the contribution is paid directly to the charity, ideally while you are in Peru, you should remember to pay in Peruvian Soles; this helps us manage the money and place it with exact detail in the same currency. If you want to know more about how we distribute all the funds we get, download our Annual Report, you will have a broad view of how we spend all the money raised.

Be aware that volunteers will be responsible for covering all other costs for flights and food, work-related travel, and so on - we estimate that US$250 should be sufficient as a basic budget to cover monthly costs.

Depending on the needs of the organization, we are able to offer coordination and leadership roles that are exempt from the contribution fee and may include an incentive/living allowance, for those with qualifications, experience and able to commit to a minimum of 9 months: as well as scholarships to South American volunteers. Please contact us for more information on this.

We are all thankful for all the passion you bring to help all the kids and families at SKIP, and we appreciate all the support we are getting.

Feel free to email if you have any questions.