Our Team

At SKIP we work with children and their families to help them change their situation through programs focused on education and social advancement.

To achieve all our goals we have a team, comprised mostly by Peruvians that work permanently with us. The activities are also supported by more than 30 volunteers that come from all over the world.

Aaron Grimm, financial planning coordinator at SKIP.

Aaron Grimm

Executive Director

Since October of this year, Aaron has undertaken the CEO position at SKIP, taking on the responsibilities of this role, while keeping his existing responsibilities as Financial Planning Coordinator.

He is originally from the U.S., and has a BA in English/Spanish, a BBA in accounting, and an MBA. He is also licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in the U.S. Before joining SKIP in 2016, Aaron worked for six years as Director of Operations at a non-profit organization providing housing, youth programs and adult education to homeless families in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Currently he is living in Peru, working full time with SKIP and the volunteer network.

Cheyne Bull, volunteer coordination manager at SKIP.

Cheyne Bull

Volunteer Coordination Manager

Cheyne has dedicated her professional life to working with children and adults in need. With a BA Hons. (Psychology) and an MA in International Development and ESL instruction, she has developed a profound commitment to support disadvantage communities.

Peru has become a second home for her, as she is back in the country working with SKIP’s volunteers from their first questions to the onboarding process and their stay in Peru.

Before starting at SKIP in 2016, she held the Director position at a Peruvian non-profit Language School. She has experience with child and young people care since she worked for over seven years at a Foundation committed to providing quality care to neglected children in Australia, her home country. She is not new to teaching in Latin countries since she spent 2015-16 as the Director of an international bilingual primary school in Nicaragua.

Hilda Pachamango Martinez, programme coordinator at SKIP.

Hilda Pachamango Martinez

Programme Coordinator

Hilda is a native of Trujillo, which gives her the knowledge about the area and its people.

She came on board as the Social Work Coordinator in 2008, her work advanced and by 2013 Hilda was the Coordinator of the entire Family Welfare Department, supervising SKIP programs in social work, psychology, economic development, and health.

In 2017, upon completion of her Masters in HR Management, she also assumed responsibilities for fundraising activities within Peru and received the new title of Program Coordinator. Hilda is a licensed social worker, and has degrees in Human Resources Management and in Labor Rights. In 2011 she completed her Rural and Marginal Urban Health Service (SERUMS, as its acronym in Spanish) in the health center in Los Jardines, Trujillo.

Education Department

Dámaris García Chávez, education coordinator at SKIP.

Dámaris García Chávez

Education Coordinator

Dámaris is from Trujillo, Peru, and she is currently the Education Coordinator at SKIP. She is a graduate in Primary Education and has worked in pre-schools for seven years.

As part of her role, she has to interact with children, parents and teachers/volunteers to improve the education level in all its forms.

She looks forward to keep growing professionally and personally in SKIP while sharing her experience with the people surrounding the organization.

Jacqueline Torres Salvador, secondary education coordinator at SKIP.

Jacqueline Torres Salvador

Secondary Education Coordinator

Jacqueline joined the SKIP team in 2014. She studied Communication Studies and worked as a publicist and photographer for three years in a Publicity Agency, developing her career as a supervisor and Market Research Consultant.

Since she started working at SKIP she has been keen on the children's development and helping volunteers achieve their goals. Jacqueline enjoys working with the kids, and the best reward she takes from her work is how the families from SKIP are turning their lives around with their own efforts. Thanks to SKIP and all the people involved, she feels her professional life has more meaning.

Mirtha Bocanegra Zavaleta, nursery leader at SKIP.

Mirtha Bocanegra Zavaleta

Nursery Leader/Primary Education Teacher

Mirtha is a qualified Primary School Teacher and has been working with SKIP since 2013. She started as a Primary School Teacher in our afternoon classes. Her role evolved through the years and since 2016 she is the Nursery Lead Teacher.

She juggles different responsibilities in the organization, teaching in the Primary Education Program and the Nursery at the same time.

Mirtha is a responsible and serious person, passionate about education and with a strong desire to make a change with teamwork.

Patricia Ángulo, nursery teacher at SKIP.

Patricia Ángulo

Nursery Teacher

Patricia graduated of the Senati Institute in Graphic Design. She also studied photography at Escuela del Valle del Cauca in Cali, Colombia. In this same place she worked as a photographer for four years.
Patricia came to SKIP in 2014 and started working as an assistant in the kindergarten class, adding up responsibilities on 2015 she became a Primary School teacher, and runs two of the primary groups.

Family Welfare Department

Cynthia Lissette Méndez Castañeda, social work coordinator at SKIP.

Cynthia Lissette Méndez Castañeda

Social Work Coordinator

Cynthia is a native of Trujillo, she studied Social Work at Universidad Nacional de Trujillo, she not only knows the area, but understands the needs of its people.

She started at SKIP in 2009 as an intern for social work. Her focused on helping low-income families in El Porvenir has helped her gain experience in the field.

Since 2010 she has been a Social Worker for SKIP, responsible for doing home visits to the families SKIP work with, using social data and interviews, as well as assessments for CIS (to get free health care) and the poverty index. Moreover, she supports the offering of educational trainings for mothers; giving orientations on various topics, from legal matters to health issues.

Karen Tatiana Chavez Prado, social work assistant at SKIP.

Karen Tatiana Chavez Prado

Social Work Assistant

Karen is from Trujillo and, similar to other social work staff, studied social work at the National University of Trujillo.

Karen began as a social work student at SKIP in 2014 and following her graduation, went on to become an employee in 2016. Other than her support on social work, Karen also teaches in the Primary Education Program and focus her undivided attention to create a better learning environment for the kids and their families.


Anabel Bastra Muñoz, finance assistant at SKIP.

Anabel Bastra Muñoz

Finance Assistant

Anabel is from Trujillo, and she joined the organization in 2010 as a secretary. Since then she has undertaken all the administrative work. She has experience in this area since she has a degree on Executive Secretarial Studies.

She likes being a part of SKIP because it has given her the opportunity to grow professionally through trainings and to put into practice her knowledge to help people around her.

Ramiro Alvarez, accountant at SKIP.

Ramiro Alvarez


Ramiro is a certified accountant with 20 years of professional experience. He has a Masters in Business Management and has studied in both the National University of Trujillo and also the University of Piura. His professional career has grown through work as a general accountant in sectors like exportation, construction and sales. Ramiro now runs his own accountancy firm assessing and supporting national and international businesses. Ramiro has been working with SKIP since 2010.

Office Maintenance

Maria Fermina Rojas Fernandez, cleaner at SKIP.

Maria Fermina Rojas Fernandez


Originally from Cajabamba - in the highlands of Peru - she moved to Trujillo 20 years ago. Her two children were born in Trujillo and now live near the SKIP office in El Porvenir.

She began to participate in SKIP in 2005 when her daughter was in primary school. While her daughter was in primary and secondary classes, she attended trainings from the social work team and participated in artisan workshops such as knitting and jewelry making. She has worked with SKIP taking care of the office in El Porvenir since 2013.

Federico Risco Roncal, night guard at SKIP.

Federico Risco Roncal

Night Guard

Federico has worked with SKIP since 2004 as a night guard at the office in El Porvenir. He is originally from Pataz - in the highlands of Peru - but settled with his family in Trujillo many years ago.

In 2011 he also began to participate with his family in SKIP. His daughter attends classes and his wife participates in the social work groups and trainings.

Remote Volunteers


Allison Saavedra

Communications Leader (from the United States)

Allison is originally from Lima Peru, with roots on the north coast (Trujillo and Piura). She joined SKIP in September this year and has taken a step forward managing all the communications including Social Media, Web content and the planning of communications strategies for future years.

She shares her interest of helping people in her native country, even from afar. She is currently based in the United States working on marketing, but she has lived in Spain for ten years, where she graduated and worked on Public Relations.

Her knowledge about communication and her close relation with Peru make her an asset to spread SKIP’s mission.


Thomas Walsh

Web Support Coordinator (from Ireland)

Thomas has been using computers since the days of the information superhighway, and began programming not long afterwards. He has a BSc (Hons) in computer games technology, as well as an MSc and PhD in bioinformatics.

As a SKIP volunteer, he has seen at first hand the difference that education can make to a child's development and confidence. He joined the SKIP team in Trujillo for the first six months of 2017, splitting his time equally between computing support and English teaching.

He is delighted to be able to continue volunteering remotely, and is looking forward to supporting the team in enhancing SKIP’s web presence.


Anna Comito

Translating Coordinator (from the United States)

Anna is from the U.S. Her first experience with SKIP was in the summer of 2015, when she volunteered as a Math Teacher, and she was a great asset giving her hands-on science classes. During her time in Peru, she also helped on economic development.

Ever since then she was looking for a way to start helping, even from afar. Since she recently graduated with a BA in Mathematics, she decided to come on board again as a remote volunteer taking up all the translation assignments.