About Us

SKIP is a non-profit organization helping economically disadvantaged children in the impoverished districts of El Porvenir and Alto Trujillo, on the north coast of Peru.

Our team is dedicated to offer quality education and counseling to children and their families, and it is comprised of Peruvian and international volunteers.



A Peru where every child can reach their full potential through quality education, economically stable families and healthy home environments.


We provide educational support to children with disadvantaged families to enhance their quality of life. Through education and with a focus on the whole family, we give them the tools they need to be the principal agents of change in their own lives.

In partnership with parents and carers, we empower kids to succeed.

The SKIP team in February 2016.
SKIP works with parents and carers as part of a holistic approach to education.


  • Promote empowerment.
  • Pursue educational equity – Education is a right, and we believe all children should have the opportunity to achieve their dreams.
  • Recognition of the person’s dignity – Share the desire to be treated equally no matter the circumstances.
  • Social transformation – Through strengthening the ties in the SKIP community and creating relationships between families to grow economically and socially.
  • Diversity and Inclusion – We foster the relations between families and the volunteers to gain a better understanding of the cultural differences and learn from them.


Supporting Kids in Peru – SKIP – was founded at the end of 2003, when Julie Cullimore and Duncan Turner created the organization after witnessing the reality people in the region of Trujillo were living in.

From the beginning, the organization focused all efforts on education as the main catalyst of change. To put this into practice Julie and Duncan created two methods of work, which are still in place today: international fundraising and volunteering in situ. Together, these methods allowed income to flow and subsequently the continuity of the project.

The first phase for the project was based on educational support for different districts and schools partnering with organizations already based in those areas. This way SKIP was able to understand the needs of different locations. Among them, SKIP chose El Porvenir, which was one of the most depressed areas with an enormous need of educational support.

The first few years were crucial in the organization’s growth. In 2006, SKIP was awarded with a JP Morgan grant of $25,000, which helped increase the number of children in the project by 50%. However, the growth wasn’t only on the number of participants. It actually involved getting their own premises.

The construction of the current Community Center started in 2006, getting the rights over the land from the Municipality the following year. More classrooms were built thanks to the support of local businesses, such as Wilbur Oliveiros.

The current vision and principles that SKIP follows today revisited on 2008, when the project was redefined. It was broken down into programs approaching the kids and their families, and the staff and managing board structure was established. All those changes stabilized the organization and increased the participation of children and their families.

In 2012 SKIP gained full registration as an international NGO in Peru and received recognition from the relevant agencies within the APCI, which monitors NGOs’ activities in Peru. This led to the ability to grant volunteering visas for longer terms giving SKIP the possibility to expand their volunteer network.

Since the starting point, SKIP has grown considerably. The area of work is bigger now, adding to the list the district of Alto Trujillo. The participation rate is higher, there are more kids studying and finishing their primary and secondary education. The amount of families is larger and they spend more time working side by side with the organization.

The SKIP team is so proud of the work done so far, and expect to keep growing and empowering the kids in Peru for a better life and a better future.